What I Do
 At Dan Mawcinitt Online Services 
Currently I am taking a handful of VR/AR companies to generate high quality leads using paid advertising services. 

Making sure that leads are actually qualified and not generating leads for the sake of generating leads like other agencies.

I make sure that their potential clients get educated and indoctrinated through the use of different mechanisms, like omnipresent marketing (appearing on every website they visit), video sales letters, webinars, showcasing my client's product so their potential customers become better educated 10x faster about the benefits of adopting their product bringing more revenue to their business.
Scientific Method
Creating good marketing is all about finding patterns and order in chaos. The market at the beginning is chaos.  There's so many different businesses, so many different solutions, different metrics and then the way we generate new customers is chaos. There's so many different points in our sales process to our service/product delivery, there's so many different metrics, there's so many different things that are moving and interconnected and influencing each other and moving around, and it's chaos, and we need to be able to look at this chaos and be able to make sense of it, and be able to see what's going on in there, and be able to make good decisions about what to do. 
Most people that do a little bit of marketing can kinda see a pattern in there, but it's kinda chaos. It's not very clear, and so they can kinda make decisions, and kind of improve things, and kind of make some money, but they never quite grab the thing. They never quite get ahold of it. It's like something that's just within reach of their grasp but they just can't quite grab it. And it's very frustrating, 'cause you can kinda see what's going on, but you kinda can't. 
And it's quite a challenge. But, there's a process to do it and it's called scientific method. And it's what I use for everything. And this is a really life changing thing. You can use this for anything, not just ads, anything in your entire life. 
You start off by making observations. Think of Isaac Netwon, when back in the day, actually knew why things acted in a certain way and he too, actually didn't know. And then he observed these phenomenons in nature and then he started to see patterns. So the whole human race used to be chaos for most, no one knew why things did things. They thought it was all chaos and chance. But then people started to see patterns.
So, when it comes to paid advertising, I do the same. What do I see in our Facebook ads? Google Ads? And in the funnel conversion rates? What do I see? And then I want to think of interesting questions. Why does that pattern occur? So if I see that people are clicking on our ad but they're not registering for our webinar, then we're like, "Why?" We don't just give up and be like, "Oh, I'm gonna run away," it's like, "Why?" And then we can figure that out. And then I need to gather data to test the predictions. 

Systems Thinking
Everything in this universe is a system. We have solar systems, subatomic systems, planetary systems, molecular systems like molecules that behave with different rules, the biosphere, the atmosphere, the stratosphere, all of these are systems. In nature we have ecosystems, like the jungle, the sea, the ocean has ecosystems; it has different things and different participants that all behave together to make it balance and run. We humans we have social systems, economic system, we have rules and laws. Within the different companies there's systems, like benefit systems, all sorts of systems everywhere.  

Even within ourselves we've got your respiratory system, digestive system, skeletal system, etc.

The internet is a system, we have technological systems. I think you get the point.

So what is a system? Well, a system, is just a collection of units that interact and mutually influence each other. It's just a collection of things that all interconnect with each other and they all influence and interact with each other to produce a whole. It's a whole that does something made up of different things.

Systems theory looks at all the components and how they interconnect with each other and how that affects the whole. A systems thinker, sees the whole instead of just the parts. They notice the structure of the whole and the relationships and interdependence between all of its parts.

Traditional thinkers, they only look at a part, they just focus on the part and they forget about how it interconnects with other things.

A systems thinker would just understand that most things are systems which are made up of very complex different parts that all interconnect and they can understand how the whole thing works. 

That's how I believe someone should approach pretty much everything, but also how someone should approach paid advertising. They need to understand all parts of the system how they are interconnected and how they all affect each other, taking in consideration not only the technicalities and the service delivery part of making the ads but also their clients perspective, product or service, brand, struggles, and their systems too in order to create a predictable and efficient system that brings sales and growth. 
Actually moving the needle
Focus on growth not fame nor shallow metrics. Following shallow metrics like fame and acceptance are ruthless killers of performance. They distract us from winning and what's needed. I use promotions and paid advertising as a means to an end. The end is getting clients, and making money. I don't like confusing the means for the end. The mission is very clear.
About Dan
Hi, I am Dan Mawcinitt. I am an entrepreneur from Mexico, living in London, U.K. I like to generate methods to solve a problem. I believe complex problems don't have a simple single solution. Complex problems are very much like Hydras where if you cut one head down ten more will surge out. So you need a method. I've found a passion for learning from the process of solving a problem and from there, evolve the situation at hand.

I grew obsessed with neuroscience, human psychology, the process of evolution, the development of human being potential and the expansion of what we have and what could be, I guess that's why I feel attracted to the world of VR/AR. To expand and create something new and something that could have an impact.
My Story
I started my entrepreneurial journey about 5 years ago when I developed an interest in paid advertising and online marketing. I guess back then I saw the opportunity of being able to work from anywhere in the world and generating enough money to practically live anywhere as a great opportunity to pursue and even though I still believe it is a great opportunity I believe it was not the best opportunity for myself. It might sound strange but I'll explain why.

Ever since I was very young I've always been interested in science and technologies. I grew up in Mexico and moved to the U.K. when I turned 18 years old to pursue a dream of moving to a different country, I have British ascendancy so the U.K. seemed like the place to go for me and then to pursue a career in neuroscience or physics.
I was very young back then and I got distracted from those goals, I struggled to make some money at the very beginning and even to make enough money just to rent a house by myself. Once I was stable enough a few months later I decided to get a higher paying job working in construction so I could buy the materials like books and a laptop which would allow me to prepare for applying to some universities. That was my plan back then (not a very well thought plan I must say). I started to read a lot of books and buying courses online and at one point I decided that I wanted to have the freedom to do many things like travel, learn and explore. So I decided to pursue more freedom by working from my computer while being able to live pretty much anywhere in the world I wanted. So I started studying paid advertising from so many different sources that I would probably have paid myself at least two other careers by now. After studying for a couple of years I partnered with a friend of mine and we opened an agency solely focused on paid advertising. After try and test, learning and failing at different markets and industries we figured out what industries worked better for specific purposes of paid advertising so we ended up deciding to work specifically with info-product businesses and personal brands who sell were selling courses online, we realised that working with business or brands that already had a product-market-fit was the key to success, so that's why we decided to work with info-products, which is one of the hardest industries but also one with the most potential. 

Everything was great or at least that's what I kept telling myself but I guess it wasn't...

I felt like I abandoned my dream and that if I didn't get myself back on track soon, I would be a huge regret while getting older. One industry I've inherently always felt greatly interested in was VR, AR and all XR related, I never noticed it but I would always watch TV shows, read books and be into that without having to make an effort to feel interested and captivated. So I decided to dig deeper into the industry and see how I could get started. Something I learned the hard way when doing paid advertising at the beginning was to always do market research before jumping into an industry or to a client. I wanted to understand the industry instead of trying to sell something because I just don't know what people want or what people need. So I started to consume more and more content within the industry, subscribing to mailing lists, reading websites like RoadToVR, UploadVR, VR Scout, reading articles from the VR and AR associations, listening to many different podcasts every day like The AR Show, VR/AR Association Podcast, VR Download among many others. At one point I decided to start interviewing business owners from companies who were already using these technologies to understand their needs and their problems from people dealing with these problems first hand, I was trying to figure out if there was a gap I could potentially help filling with my skills, and if there wasn't then to learn what skills could be useful for me to develop or search for partners that could help me to also fill those gaps within the industry. I started taking those basic courses from Unity in the hope to just go deeper and just recently started a course for VR and AR business strategies. 

I found out that there was a need for companies working with these technologies. That some were struggling due to the lack of mass adoption. There wasn't enough knowledge just yet for many people to adopt their technologies, from their software, their gadgets, their training, their experiences, their solutions, etc. Companies struggling to find and close new clients because many weren't aware of the technology, they thought there wasn't any benefit from adopting it, just completely unaware as to the majority of people about where the technology is and what it can do. Businesses taking years on their sales cycles to finally sell to a company or corporate from the first time they got in contact with them. 
Working with info product businesses, on occasions selling very high tickets to a consumer-level I learned that there's a huge educating process that needs to be done to make a sale and that showcasing the benefits of the product for people who didn't understand it in a sophisticated and effective way is essential if they are willing to spend money on it, which is something many business owners in the VR and AR ecosystem in this day and age are struggling a lot with. So I decided to start by helping businesses in the VR and AR world to solve these problems for their businesses. And also a way for me to also start making a transition into this beautiful industry which is where I see myself spending my life projects and as I am sure most business owners working within this space feel like too so I hope with this I can make even a small contribution to the industry too.
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